Iron Man

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<a name="fi"></a><!--mep-nl--><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" height="351" width="400" /><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><div style="display: block; float: left;">I have found that comics and Graphic novels are a great way interject a surprise twist into classes. As a former comic book geek (I’m now a professional, and much too cool for comics ), I have a relatively extensive knowledge of the different personality types found in many comics. Iron Man is a great starting point. Because of the successful movie franchise, most students are aware Tony Starks, so many of them already have at least a vague notion of what kind of person he his. I use it introduce class discussions about serious issues like alcoholism, and conquering your demons.<br><br><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl-->A great activity that I do is I give the students the plot of a story and have them write a short dialogue, and act out the scene in class.<!--mep-nl-->

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