Paper Trading

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<a name="fi"></a><!--mep-nl--><img class="alignleft" src="" alt="" height="250" width="400" /><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><div style="display: block; float: left;">One of the most transformative class experiences I had as a student was a in my eighth grade economics class. My teacher was a tall, lanky guy that liked to wear his house shoes to work. <br><br><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl-->He introduced us to the stock market by “paper trading”. Each of us was given $50,000 of imaginary money to open an imaginary account and during the term we “bought” an “sold” stocks and in the process we learned about economics and different sectors of the economy from big box stores that are household names like Sears and Wal-Mart to commodities like pork bellies and sugar through the futures market. <br><br><!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl-->I have a new way of doing this. I use the same concept but I use early stage tech investing as the learning platform. I turn the class into virtual venture capitalist and we discuss technology, the marketplace profile successful as well as unsuccessful companies, and they place their bets on which companies they think will be the next Facebook. <!--mep-nl--><!--mep-nl--><div style="height:20px;">&nbsp;</div><!--mep-nl-->

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