Pop Culture

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“Pop! Culture” is a book that I have written to address what I believe to be a gap in ESL learning. Most ESL teaching material is dated, generic, or just plain dull. I developed the ideas behind “Pop! Culture” over time after thousand of classroom hours. My aim was to challenge the bight and engaged students – and to snatch the bored, listless students by their shirt collars, just by the sheer force of how topical and relevant each lesson is.

As the name suggest, “Pop! Culture” uses popular culture to give students the opportunity to practice their English in a supportive, exciting classroom setting, examine Western culture from a different fresh perspective, and to be exposed to topics and ides that they normally would not be.

Each lesson is accompanied by a PPT that should be used by the teacher to encourage class discussion and debate. There’s also loads of bonus material to encourage students to engage with the material outside of the classroom without feeling like they are doing homework.

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