Susan Cain

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Susan Kain is an excellent subject for class discussions. Introversion is something that many students struggle with, and they are constantly being told that they need to be more outgoing. Susan Kain has a different perspective and it’s interesting to get students and young adults to explore it.

First I give students the video file of either her TED talk or, the interview below (with transcripts) and I ask them to make a list of all the words they don’t know, and to define those words in English (not just translate them). Then in class we go around the room and get their opinion about the homework, and discuss the new words they have added to their vocabulary notebooks.

Take the word “bias” for example. I might single out that word and do word association, or a quick brainstorming session with “bias” as our foundation.

The key is the get the students to see how they can use the new words that they have learned to describe their feelings and experiences. It’s a much more effective way to build vocabulary than trying to memorize word lists.

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